Collaboration and Integration are Key

to the success of our Art is Elementary program. Teaching artist and classroom teacher team together to ensure that the arts are integrated with other academic subjects, which studies have shown are associated with academic achievement for all students, particularly those at risk. (Critical Links, 2002). 

  1. Low-performing students in these programs

  2. consistently defied teachers’ expectations as

  3. they found pathways to success through the

  4. arts that had eluded them in conventional classrooms. Many of these students wen“t from being withdrawn

  5. or disruptive to becoming active and productive class members.” - Catterall and Waldorf, 1999

As a Title I school, Glacier Valley is seeing similar results. Our program also provides professional development time for our classroom teachers who are with the class when receiving art instruction from a teaching artist. 

Click below to download an analysis of our test scores over the past four years.  Since the inception of our Art is Elementary program, test scores on average increased significantly in both reading and math. 

Glacier Valley Data Analysis

Arts Literacy Projects

Why the Arts?

  1. leads to improvement in other academic subjects

  2. encourages perseverance, creativity and problem solving

  3. lowers dropout rates and helps level the learning field across socio-economic boundaries

  4. promotes cooperation and positive attitudes about school

  5. builds cultural understanding

  6. develops a positive work ethic

Integrated Arts Projects


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

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